Haz Mat Equipment

Gas Suits in USE
Decontamination Showers and Tents for cleaning of the Public and Emergency services with a range of accessories to offer a complete package.

Decon Cabins Decom Cabins for decontamination. Product Details
Decon Strip Decon Strip for Decon Cabins. Product Details
Eco boom Ecoboom for spill protection Product Details
Fluidbag Fluidbag for storing waste water. Product Details
Haz Mat Shower Stainless Steel Decontamination Shower Product Details
Hotbox hotbox for heating water for use in Decontamination. Product Details
Spillbag 100 Spillbag 100 ltr Capicity Product Details
Spillbag 15 Spillbag 15 ltr capicity Product Details
Transfer Board Transfer board for use in Decontamination. Product Details
Waste Pump Waste Pump for removing decontaminated water. Product Details
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