Hand lamps Torches

We supply and maintain the comprehensive  Range of Lighting from Wolf Safety, SA, Nightsearcher and Twister lights ane E Flares.

EFlare BE Safe Be seen from over 1 km Different versions for all applications available Product Details
Panther HID High Intensity Xenon Searchlight. Product Details
Panther LED PANTHER LED These models are our most powerful LED searchlights, providing an incredible 1500 lumens light output from the efficient high powered Cree® LEDs. Product Details
SA Torch SA Right Angle AXEX Torch. Product Details
Solaris Lite The SOLARIS LITE are our most compact and lightweight rechargeable LED floodlight. Can be setup and working in a few seconds making it ideal for emergency situations Offering a very high light output up to 14000 lumens. Product Details
UK40AA Led Torch UK 4AA Led Helmet Torch. Product Details
UK4AA Xenon Torch UK4AA Xenon Helmet Torch. Product Details
Wolf H-DCA Battery powered ATEX Handlamp. Product Details
Wolf H251 Wolf H251 Rechargeable Handlamp Product Details
Wolf Torches Wolf Hand Torches Product Details
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