Chemical Gas/Splash Suits

Personal protection for first responders.

Relying on their suit to keep them out of harm's way allows first responders to work efficiently and focus on the mission at hand. Vanguard offers both gastight and splash protective suits designed and field tested specifically for use in hazardous chemical response missions. All gastight suits meet the European safety standard EN 943-2 for "Emergency Teams" and/or the highly demanding US standard NFPA 1991.

The Vanguard range includes gastight chemical protective suits offering uncompromising protection against hazardous materials and long-lasting durability. All products are approved and trusted by some of the toughest certifying agencies in the world. A wide range of quality accessories are available for the suits that provide enhanced safety and customization.

Neo Gas Suit NEO new limited life Gas Tight Suit certified to EN 943 Pt 1/2 and NFPA 1991 Product Details
Trellchem Splash 1500 TrellchemĀ® Splash 1500 Coverall with hump providing liquid splash protection, specifically designed for first response & check-up at chemical accidents. NEW!!! Low Cost Fits on top of fire turnout gear & SCBA Light-weight Soft & comfortable to wear Product Details
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